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Pastors in the Hanover Presbytery

Dr. Brian Abshire

Pastor, Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCH): Evansville, Indiana

Dr. Richard Bacon

Pastor, Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church, Kemp, Texas

Rev. Mike Chastain

Pastor, Southbridge Community Church (RPCH): Savannah, Georgia

Rev. Paddy Cook

Evangelist, Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship

Dr. Allen Church

Pastor, Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCH): Manassas, Virginia

Dr. Don Crowe

Atlanta, Georgia^Crowe

Rev. Anthony Dallison

Stated Supply, Big Ridge Presbyterian Church (RPCH), Haysi, Virginia

Rev. David Elmer

Pastor, Reformed Bible Church: Manasquan, New Jersey

Rev. Robert Eisenzopf

Stated Supply: American Presbyterian Church of Westminster: Westminster, Maryland

Rev. Terry Gorden

Pastor, Covenant Family Fellowship:

Rev. Richard Hicks

Pastor, Dillingham Presbyterian Church: Barnardsville, North Carolina

Rev. James Johnson

Pastor, Christ Church of Story City, Story City, Iowa

Rev. Russell Kent

Pastor, The Congregational Church: Wilmington, Massachusetts

Rev. Patrick Mahoney

Director, Christian Defense Coalition:

Rev. Bill Marshall

Pastor Emeritus, Presbyterian Reformed Fellowship: Morehead City, North Carolina

Dr. Joe Morecraft

Pastor, Hanover Mission, Cuming, Georgia

Rev. Larry Morrison

Honorably Retired.

Dr. David Moser

Director, National Military Cemetery Association

Dr. Joe Renfro (Retired)

Christian Observer Columnist:

Rev. Wayne Rogers

Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, Covington, GA

Dr. Roger Schultz

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Liberty University: Lynchburg, Virginia

Rev. Gary Wagner

Pastor, Reformed Heritage Church (RPCH), Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Sacha Walicard

Pastor, Covenant Heritage Presbyterian Church (RPCH), Birmingham AL

Rev. Bob Williams

Editor, Christian Observer: